Updated November 17th 2017.
Lessons of the Institute of Mental Health-1st Semester 2017-2018.

October 13th 2017.
Contemporary aspects of diagnosis and treatment of patients with anxiety and depressive disorders
Clin. Assist. Dr. Bojana Pejušković, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade,
Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade
Dr Goran Gajić, Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade

October 27th 2017.
Modern view of anxiety disorders
Assist. Prof. Dr. Milan Latas, Psychiatric Clinic CCS, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

November 10th 2017.
The latest scientific research in the field of the treatment of depressive disorder, successes and challenges
Prof. Vesna Pešić, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade

November 24th 2017.
Domestic violence law and obligations of employees in Health Care Institutions
Gorjana Mirčić Čaluković, deputy public prosecutor referred to the Ministry of Justice

December 22nd, 2017.
Experiences and knowledge from study trips to Israel and Japan
Assist. Prof. Jelena Radosavljev – Kirćanski, Institute of Mental Health, Singidunum, Department of Psychology Belgrade
Dr Vanja Mandić Maravić, Institute of Mental Health Belgrade

Lessons – Spring semester 2012

February 24th 2012
Research on early onset psychoses – Report from a study visit to the Maudsley Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Dr Milutin Kostić

March 09th 2012
Day Hospital for Adolescent Addiction Treatment – Case presentation

March 23rd 2012
“Art and Psyche” – Ellen Handler Spitz
Book review – Prof. Aleksandar Dimitrijević and the author

April 06th 2012
Creative work and gender
Academician Vladeta Jerotić

May 11th 2012
VI Meeting of European Family Therapy Association – Training Institute Chamber (EFTA-TIC) “Tools for effective training, therapy and research” – report
Dr Sanja Nikolić, Desanka Nagulić, psychologist

May 25th 2012
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
Prof. Dr Dragoslav Sokić, Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia (KCS), Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

June 15th 2012
Apocalypse Now: a Psychology of Conception in Lorenco Lotto`s “Annunciation”
Dr Irene Cioffi Whitfield, London, UK, private practice

Head of Educational Activities Unit
Assist. Prof. Dr Saveta Draganić-Gajić